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Client Testimonials

My 4 years old sheepdog sometimes made honking sounds and we understood it could be caused by weak cartilage on his throat and leaded to trachea to narrow/ collapse.  After discussing with Senior Dog Care, we decided to give Steadfast Canine a try as it has choindroitin sulfate which can help strengthen cartilage.

Jeff Ng

Have been using Sore No More Liniment during my massages lately.  I must say I now swear by it! It is a fantastic liniment.

Victoria Desmarais

Our dog's mobility has decreased significantly recently due to age (he is 18).  We took Steadfast for about 1 week, we noticed significant level increase of movement and energy.  It works like magic.  Our energetic dog is back!  We recommend it to any aged dogs or dogs with joint problems. 

Mei Mei Tsoi

I started using the poultice on my semi-retired 25 y.o. thoroughbred gelding. He had a bad trim & between his sensitive soles on gravel & a major angle change to the hoof he was dead lame. His deep digital tendons were pulsing & hot. I was worried about founder & the possibility of a bowed tendon. The poultice made a tremendous difference & kept his legs cool & tight.

Meagan Kelly

Does your horse lick metal?

Wed, 09/15/2010


"What does it mean when my horse licks the metal fences/gates and metal on the horse trailer? She is not stalled and has been with her 2 pasture mates for a few years. We love trail riding. She does not do this all the time but enough for me to notice. Does she need some type of supplement?"


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