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Client Testimonials

Our dog's mobility has decreased significantly recently due to age (he is 18).  We took Steadfast for about 1 week, we noticed significant level increase of movement and energy.  It works like magic.  Our energetic dog is back!  We recommend it to any aged dogs or dogs with joint problems. 

Mei Mei Tsoi

My 4 years old sheepdog sometimes made honking sounds and we understood it could be caused by weak cartilage on his throat and leaded to trachea to narrow/ collapse.  After discussing with Senior Dog Care, we decided to give Steadfast Canine a try as it has choindroitin sulfate which can help strengthen cartilage.

Jeff Ng
驅蟲噴霧效果好!  我家的狗狗用左 Ricochet 天然驅蟲噴霧 大約2個月.  效果好好!  我會每次出街前用,回家後就再無發現有蝨.  驅蟲噴霧味道重好清新,我已再無用其他驅蟲劑。 
Abby Choi

I started using the poultice on my semi-retired 25 y.o. thoroughbred gelding. He had a bad trim & between his sensitive soles on gravel & a major angle change to the hoof he was dead lame. His deep digital tendons were pulsing & hot. I was worried about founder & the possibility of a bowed tendon. The poultice made a tremendous difference & kept his legs cool & tight.

Meagan Kelly

Pain relieve for Laminitis

Sat, 02/19/2011


See Q&A with Bill Ormston, DVM on Laminitis and how our products can help:


Q:  I am working for someone who received a foundered mare, I am the main caretaker for this horse. How long can a horse be foundered with no treatment to be past the point of no return? Rotation in left, the right being the worst, bone sitting on top of sole.

A:    The question about foundering and how long can a horse last depend on numerous things. One of the most important aspects is the pain   tolerance of the mare. The limiting factor in most chronic laminitis cases is when the animal no longer wants to move. Good shoeing with thera pies  aimed at improving circulation in the feet will help. I would suggest Equilite's Four Hooves and Animotion (Devil's Claw Yucca Blend) and  LaminaSaver.  You might want to look at the www.holistichorse.com website for more information on the topic. The farrier Gene Ovnicek is also a great resource for foundered horses. 


Q:       My Arabian mare, age 16 yrs, suffered a bad bout of laminitis about 6 or 7 yrs ago. It started out with the boarding facility owner giving her and their ponies day-old pastries and breads from their restaurant.  I moved her to another farm, but my mare only got worse, because I found out that farm's owner was giving my mare grain, against my vet's orders.  I moved my mare again after she was recovered enough to stand up again.  She's been healthy and sound the past several years and has had only very limited exposure to grass. She gains weight pretty easily and loves to eat. I would like to eventually get her back to a pasture situation so she can be out 24/7.  Her diet is currently a cup of Purina Horsechow 100 in the am and the same in the evening, along with a healthy armload of hay (about 2 large flakes, am & pm).  During the day she's in a barnyard with a few weeds in it.  We give her about an hour of grazing on the pasture each day.  Do you think, with her history, that it would be possible to eventually get her to the point of 24/7 turnout? I get conflicting answers from my vet and farrier. (My vet says keep doing what we're doing because she feels Arabs are prone to laminitis anyway. My farrier says she's been healthy these past several years and with gradual introduction to pasture, and keeping a close eye on her, we probably could turn her out 24/7, since before she foundered, she was a pasture-kept broodmare.) I would very much appreciate your opinion on this. Thank you very much in advance.

A:     Without looking at radiographs of her feet it is impossible to answer that question. Laminitis is an acute condition, inflammation of the sensitive structures of the feet. Founder is a chronic condition that includes rotation of the distant phalanx away from the hoof wall.   The amount of rotation will determine the possibilities and what you need to do as far as shoeing and trimming in the future. I would put your mare on Four Hoofs to help with the health of the foot as it continues to grow.  I would also have your horse looked at by a certified animal chiropractor.  Anytime there is a problem with movement in any leg it will affect the way the entire body moves.  This leads to subluxations in the spine which affects the nerves leaving the spine and going down to the leg.  


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